Expected Return on Investment is of paramount importance to your financial decisions.

Exploring and assessing your project’s feasibility through technical interrogation will help avoid burning a hole in your bottom line.

Our due diligence team, systematically and pragmatically analyses your project to map an easily digestible risk profile to qualify the feasibility of your project.

What we explore 

  • Assess physical and technical feasibility of a project

  • Consider the project environment – site, utilities, access, political situation

  • Permits and licensing requirements

  • Achievability of the proposed timeline

  • Commercial exposure (shortcomings) between the various procurement agreements

  • Adequacy of shortlisted or selected suppliers, contractors and materials

  • Evaluation of the development’s installation and operational costs, then cross-referencing these to the scope and schedule

Hayden Blaze’s global experience and broad industry expertise, enables us to draw together a team of experts to “grill” your project and report back on the appropriateness of how you intend to spend your hard earned money.

Post Financial Close, our team independently monitors and reports on progress against plan, verifying your project is on track to meet its objectives.

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