Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

Recognising this was AirTrunk’s first foray into the Hong Kong DC market, and the unstable geopolitical environment of Hong Kong at the time, particular attention was paid to the location unique elements of the development.

With members of the lenders consortia situated around the globe,  the early identification and exploration of these items, in addition to the norm, proved useful in addressing questions before they had been asked.

Location: Tsing Yi, Hong Kong
Sector: Building
Services: Lenders Technical Advisory
Value: Confidential
Year(s): 2019-2020
Engagement: AirTrunk

The high quality 8-storey industrial building, located in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong involved the redevelopment of an existing structure, into a circa 190,000 square feet, 20MW facility via 5 dedicated data halls.

AirTrunk, part of the Macquarie group, engaged BYME HK as its main contractor in 2019 to oversee the development including statutory approvals, demolition, equipment installation, construction and fit-out.

The Tsing Yi Data Centre was AirTrunk’s first foray into the Hong Kong Data Centre space.


The then prospective lenders, required an independent (due diligence) assessment of the project’s feasibility across many aspects including schedule, construction commercial arrangements, supplier capabilities, budget, environment and site location, utilities serviceability and construction methodology.

This exercise was conducted in two stages;

  1. A preliminary assessment (red flag) report to identify any significant issues for Lenders’ consideration before commercial negotiations progressed too far; and
  2. A detailed Lenders Technical Advisory (LTA) report, to give a clear understanding of risks associated with the project and to facilitate the Lenders’ final investment decision on the feasibility and likely ROI of the development.
AirTrunk Tsing Yi internal

What was delivered

After reviewing a range of project documentation, including schedules, budgets, construction staging diagrams etc,  continual feedback and refinement of identified risks and opportunities were progressively explored, culminating in a risk rated report across the relevant criteria, with clear definitions of reasoning to those rankings, as well as recommendations of possible actions that could be taken to further lessen the risks,