Effective Risk Management is the fuel that drives everything we do.

In today’s light speed paced and ever-changing regulatory environment, entities and projects are forever engaging in activities to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities. But often the approach is prehistoric, informal and unsustainable, leaving the project vulnerable to dousing consequences and piles of ash.

Simply – if you don’t have a dynamic, focused and practical risk process, you might end up with explosive consequences.

From conception through to the end of every Project, Program and Portfolio, Hayden Blaze provides and manages practical, useful and dynamic, integrated lifecycle solutions, seeking to maximise benefits and minimise or avoid threats.

We work with you to identify the risks (yeah not unusual), to develop a plan (occasionally considered a good idea) and to actively and constantly manage and refine this tool (wow….is Hayden Blaze full of Professors). 

Being at the core of our purpose, risk management is the basis of our offerings and not a sideshow tick the box exercise.

Identification and management of risk is also paramount to our other services such as time and cost management. For how can these be effectively managed if risks are ignored?

With scalable solutions to align risk management with investment logic, down to the detailed identification and treatment of specific risks, we tailor to what you really need.

In a world of information, we enable you to see what matters, to make decisions that count.

What We Do

  • Traffic Light Dashboards
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Risk Identification and Management
  • Risk Registers
  • Dynamic Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments

Risk Management Projects

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Technical Advisory
Project Controls
Claims Management
& Dispute Resolution
Cost Estimating
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