Cost, money… universal terms flaring a range of emotions. On your project do you want to be on the wrong side of the ledger, over-budget, out-of-pocket, making losses? Typically not.

Hayden Blaze is white hot on stringent cost management. Beyond extensive capability in cost estimating, often we are brought in to manage cost once projects are in flight, focusing on control, forecasting and variations management.

Typically after reconciling costs to your schedule and cost plan, we identify trends and communicate risks to enable you to “own” your project and make educated decisions.

Hayden Blaze…..we do not want you burning your bottom line.


What We Do

  • Estimates and cost plans
  • Cash flow projections
  • Cost management
  • Procurement and contract advice
  • Contract documents
  • Variations cost claim assessment
  • Post contract cost management
  • Final account negotiations and settlement

Cost Estimating & Management Projects


Technical Advisory
Project Controls
Claims Management
& Dispute Management
& Scheduling