Despite best endeavours, invariably claims arise…..often like wildfire.

Regardless of why, claims require controlled and considered exploration, substantiation and assessment, starting with the basic premise of entitlement.

Hayden Blaze is not in the game of selling snake oil and for the majority of matters, you are unlikely to need us. However, where you do need help lighting the way, rest assured Hayden Blaze is here to manage, augment or independently review your claims and disputes.

Our practioners have navigated the globe, dealing with a vast array of contract forms, on small scale to multi-billion (USD) dollar claims and disputes.

Focusing on time and quantum claims, Hayden Blaze brings the key ingredients of expertise, lateral thinking and pragmatism to help fight the fires.

Delay? Disruption? Variation? Acceleration. It does not matter, Hayden Blaze can drive or augment, your claims positioning, substantiation, documentation and communication, working with you to detail, but importantly “simplistically”, articulate your position.

Alas, do not fear. Hayden Blaze is equally adept at the interrogation and assessment of claims presented by others.

We have worked with claimants, defendants and as an independent third party with clientele including owner, government agencies, construction companies, legal practices and other professional service consultancies

Our practitioners analyze the causes and effects of events seeking the best solution for our clients, while adhering to the confines of the contract.

What we do

  • Pre-contracts time and cost clause advice
  • Claims management
  • Mitigation and corrective actions advice
  • Third party claim review
  • Advice on claims viability
  • Delay, disruption and acceleration analysis
  • Analysis of the cost of delays and variations
  • Assistance in alternative dispute resolution
  • Expert reports and expert witness services

Claims Management
& Dispute Resolution Projects


Technical Advisory
Project Controls
Cost Estimating
& Management
& Scheduling