HKJC – Happy Valley Members Clubhouse Extension

Hong Kong

Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

The HKJC recognised the superb products delivered for its previous project, the Conghua Racecourse Project and accordingly kept the band together, rolling it onto the Members Clubhouse Extension project.

It already had the best so there was no rest.

Location: Happy Valley, Hong Kong SAR
Sector: Building
Services: Integrated Project Controls, Planning & Scheduling
Value: HKD 700 million
Year(s): 2018 – 2020
Engagement: Hong Kong Jockey Club

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) Members Clubhouse extension is an eight-storey extension to the existing clubhouse in Happy Valley.

The extension provides additional facilities to members, including a new swimming pool, roof top tennis courts, virtual reality gaming, Formula 1 and golf simulator, fine dining and children’s play area.

The extension integrates with the existing clubhouse to ensure seamless access to the new facilities, hospitality, membership and car park systems. It also included an upgrade of the facilities in the pre-existing clubhouse.

The extension was constructed by Hip Hing, with the HKJC responsible for the Operational Readiness planning and execution.


Maximising the “user experience” for existing and future members is a key pillar of the HKJC mantra. While Hip Hing was constructing the clubhouse extension, the HKJC via its internal project, SP7, had to commence planning and preparations for the licensing, procurement, fitout and integration / refurbishment with the existing clubhouse, so as to minimise impacts to members in as an efficient manner as possible. 

Achieving this required effective and co-ordinated governance, including a reliable understanding of progress, at all times.

Having successfully provided very similar services previously, albeit in a different physical location, our company founder was again charged with providing a dynamic team which was capable of developing, implementing and maintaining a system and reports to deliver and exceed expectations

What was delivered

The single source of truth, tools and reports had largely been prepared for the Conghua Racecourse project. This made the standing up of these for this project quite efficient, with tailoring specifically for this project.

Similar to the Conghua Racecourse project, the schedule also involved engaging 25+ business units and identifying all the integrated dependencies throughout the project in order to manage the impacts and relationships of each stakeholder to the overall operations.

The creation of the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and reporting systems were multi-tiered and focused from Executive level down through committees, business units and ultimately to Project Managers. Providing a fully customisable top-top down structure which could be rolled up to summary or rolled-down to the detail.

The implementation of tailored project controls and reports supported the HKJC management with total project visibility and allowed control mechanisms to manage the project throughout each stage in order to achieve Operational Readiness.

At all times the schedule and reports proved accurate.