Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

Commencing in 2008 when the project was not yet official, significant effort was placed into demonstrating the failure of past PPP projects and where to improve. 

From those early days through to 2019, support was provided in managing the programme’s contractual requirements, providing advice on time claims, but most importantly for its operations, working on behalf of SA Health to ensure effective equipment purchasing and installations – not too early to waste warranty periods but also not too late to delay the project – just the right amount of oxygen to keep it burning.

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Sector: Building
Services: Integrated Project Controls, Planning & Scheduling, Claims Management & Dispute Resolution
Value: AUD 2 billion
Year(s): 2011-2019
Engagement: SA Health

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) was a purpose built 800 bed state of the art quaternary care facility. It was constructed to replace the then existing Royal Adelaide Hospital and improve clinical efficiencies as part of SA Health’s broader Transforming Health strategy.

nRAH is the single largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in South Australia.

The new RAH was financed, designed, constructed and is now being operated and managed under a 35-year Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, with SA Health Partnership which is now called Celsus (Project Co).


Through continued networking and Business Development, Hayden Blaze’s founder successfully engaged with SA Health in highlighting the need for specialist and independent programme advice.

Exploring failures on other PPP projects, SA Health came to appreciate the need for external support, not just to ensure the programme met specifications, but most importantly to track real progress on the project for the purposes of the successful build, but also significantly importantly for SA Health, to carefully and appropriate integrate its responsibilities into the new facility. This included planning and physically relocating from one live facility to another, managing and procuring vendor equipment, adequately co-ordinating delivery and installation of some vendor equipment while the hospital was being built, but which physically could not be installed at a later stage, managing the various stakeholders such as users groups, doctors and nurses and their input, into the design and for the ultimate operations.

Given the significant complexity associated with co-ordinating and managing such requirements. SA Health sought external assistance and involved our team.

NRAH looking north east

What was delivered

The volume of deliverables grew with time and necessity but broadly included:

  • Main tender programme reviews for veracity and conformance to contract requirements;
  • Monthly onsite progress monitoring and Project Co programme review;
  • On-going advice regarding programme achievability;
  • Schedule risks analyses;
  • Review and advice on extension on all time related claims and associated supporting reports; 
  • Establishment of PMO scheduling standards and guidelines; 
  • SA Health workstream schedule preparation and management,
  • Integration of SA Health FFE works with the PPP construction activities; and 
  • Development and maintenance of an Integrated Master Schedule, including all workstreams and dependency management tracking.