Our Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

Hayden Blaze, through awareness and necessity, took a leading role in co-ordinating the bid team, in addition to the striking deliverables for which it was originally engaged.

Location: Tsang Tsui
Sector: Environmental
Services: Planning & Scheduling
Value: HKD 40 million
Year(s): 2020
Client: RH Mining Services

Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has sought to improve its lowly 3% only, recycling of yard waste processing. A significant and expedited step to improve the tonnes per day recycling involves the construction of an interim waste processing centre in EcoPark, Tsang Tsui.

With a 4 year life span, the centre allows for the processing of yard waste into useful recyclable products including wood chips, sawdust, wood logs, wood boards and wood beams.

Construction, operation and maintenance of the facility requires various civil and building works, site security, green features and electrical and mechanical plant and equipment.

The centre’s operation concludes with its eco-friendly decommissioning.

Our Engagement

Due to its responsive nature and trusted capabilities, Hayden Blaze was brought in on short notice by RH Mining Services, who was tendering for the works. Hayden Blaze was asked to fire up:

  • Strategic construction methodology in collaboration with RH Mining
  • Develop associated programmes and visualisations aligning with the methodologies
  • Liaising with the tender team to confirm scope, duration and resources; and
  • Produce a well defined but succinct programme narrative for tender inclusion.

What we delivered

Hayden Blaze crafted eye-catching and clear programmes and supporting narrative aligning with the innovate options.

Initially engaged to provide specific deliverables, Hayden Blaze saw the need, in collaboration with the Bid Manager, to add additional value to assist co-ordinate the bid team in order to meet the tight bid timeframes.