Groote Eylandt –Angurugu to Umbakumba (A2U) Highway


Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

Due to the significant change from the original to ultimate construction methodology and associated resources, the ability to compare the starting point to the end point was extremely difficult and largely the point of conjecture between the contract parties.

After requesting project records pertaining to site records, diary, material invoices, suppliers records, induction records etc, common threads through this information was identified, consequently indisputable artefacts were produced showing how, where, why and when the road was constructed in its particular manner.

The ability for all parties to visualise, after the fact, the then live chronology and rationale of the roads’ construction, enabling a significant proportion of the conflict to be removed from discussions and ultimately a successful and justifiable (to all parties) award

Location: Groote Eylandt, Australia
Sector: Civil Infrastructure
Services: Claims Management & Dispute Resolution
Value: AUD 20 million
Year(s): 2011-2002
Engagement: Fulton Hogan

Groote Eylandt is a remote island approximately 650 kilometres from Darwin, Australia. The project was a 45 kilometre upgrade and sealing of a highway from Umbakumba to Angurugu, enabling enhanced access for people from the remote communities of Umbakumba, Angurugu and Alyangula

Prior to the upgrade the road was often cut off during the wet season. However, the upgrade and road sealing, now provides year around access to people across the island.


Construction of the road was not without its challenges and unfortunately design changes, the presence of rock, unexpected cultural sites, had a significant impact on the duration and staging of the works, consequently the works were significantly late and significantly over budget.

Members of our team were deliberately sourced by the main contractor to help fully articulate and substantiate delays and cost entitlements due to the contractor.


What was delivered

An extensive delay analysis with associated report was developed illustrating the impact of the various issues on the construction methodology, plant and equipment requirements, on/off island barging requirements and demobilisation / remobilisation needs.

In conjunction all actual costs were interrogated from the contractor’s native cost and financial tracking software, mapped and consolidated to align with the original budget breakdown and schedule, enabling a clear and concise demonstration of costs impacts with the delays and also over and above items due to other factors.

Ultimately the Contractor received an entitlement largely in line with its claim.