BT – AIA Managed Network Services Transition & Transformation

Hong Kong

Trailblazing contributions – ABOVE AND BEYOND

At commencement, this project had (by itself) 9 red flags out of 13 red flags across all BT projects…across the globe.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and working alongside superbly skilled BT executives flown in from other continents, sleeves were rolled up and the entire scope, resources, Key dates and internal skill sets were scrutinised to gather the truth, align it with the contract and client requirements and build a functional system.

In addition to fulfilling the engagement, time was spent with the Project Managers teaching them scheduling principles and how to manage their works, similarly with workstream managers through to the T&T managers.

Taking it a level further the automation of the tiered schedules from the detailed weekly updates through to the Integrated Master Schedule and weekly/monthly reported was developed, which had not been seen on the Project previously.

Key impact….those red flags started disappearing.

Location: Hong Kong
Sector: ICT
Services: Planning & Scheduling
Value: Confidential
Year(s): 2015-2016
Engagement: British Telecommunications

British Telecommunications (BT) was engaged by AIA (Life Insurance Group) to undertake a Transition and Transformation Program for the provision of Managed Network Services across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific Region.



The provision of planning support across the Transition, Transformation and the Executive account team. Specifically this was to develop an Integrated Master Schedule, Dependency Management services, individual workstream schedules and the development and maintenance of programme reporting.


What was delivered

The truth…..i.e. a “Single Source of Truth.”

After having worked with the broader team in the painstaking task of building consistent, standardised schedules and schedule management systems. A fully Integrated Master Schedule incorporating all workstreams could be built and subsequently maintained.

This document provided the “single source of truth” in relation to dates and interdependencies, enabling the clear identifications and tracking of Key Milestones and Dependencies.

Flowing from such a robust and dependable document, were multi-tiered RAG and Project on a Page reports, specifically tailored to BT and its client (AIA) with an up to date real-time end to end view of the program’s status.